General Cleaning / Works
We provide general cleaning for any such outdoor to indoor premises. From gardens to offices, houses, yards, stores or any other place that requires general cleaning.

Electrical Works
We also specialize in eletrical works such as rewiring of wires and cables. Security lights and securiting cameras are very famous amongs the above electrical works.

Maintenance and Repairs
We provide for all kinds of maintenance and repair in or out your household including wall cracks, tiling, cementing, toilet repairs, home repair, leakage, floors or any other of such requiring maintain and repair to your home or office.

Renovation Works
We provide for all kinds of renovation works to your home or office including of walls, concretes, fences, demolition, new flooring, and all other general renovation works.

Security Works
We provide for increase to your home or office as to security works. These include icon grills, solid doors, security locks, latches, window latches, metal spikes and much others.

Refuse Disposal
We provide you with disposing off all such rubbish including scrap, trees, metal, rubbish and unwanted rubbish.

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